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Prospect analysis of kitchen equipment industry in the future

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In the next few years, sales of China's Kitchenware Market are increasing at an alarming rate of 15%. Commercial kitchen equipment gradually become the trend of globalization, China advanced kitchen equipment internationalization stage is difficult, and kitchen equipment of foreign advanced technology in China is difficult to effectively use, comprehensive furniture products will change into a set of storage storage, washing, cooking and frying cut with dining parlor, leisure and entertainment, education and other functions of the. Cabinets will also contain more cultural, artistic and aesthetic appeal. Following the application of fashion elements and new techniques, the aesthetic function of this kind of aesthetics will gradually become the mainstream.
Although the development of e-commerce has scale, but for commercial kitchen equipment marketing network, electronic is still in the initial stage of exploration. Network marketing really do well is not much. There are also plans to establish online shopping mall, but the implementation is still very large?.
A research report on kitchen equipment that you may be interested in:
2014-2019 China kitchen equipment industry market situation and investment strategy analysis of domestic and foreign market development report 2013 kitchen equipment industry (investment) comparative analysis of domestic and international market development report 2013 stainless steel kitchen equipment industry (investment) comparative analysis of domestic and foreign market development analysis report 2013 household kitchen equipment industry strategic research Chinese kitchen equipment industry market depth research and investment report 2013-2018 (investment) comparative analysis report to see more reports according to China report hall to understand that e-commerce brings the effect is unsatisfactory. Many commercial kitchen equipment opened enterprise website, shop and so on, just play to show the corporate image, consumers as offline reference. The main reason is that commercial kitchen equipment is mainly based on engineering sales. First of all: kitchen equipment company is mainly for large enterprises and institutions, canteens, school canteens, hotels and meals provided by the whole drink water to moisten one's throat kitchen equipment engineering design on the basis of product processing and sales, and provide maintenance services.
At present, kitchen equipment companies can be divided into three types:
First, there is a company qualification, without their own factories and workers, renting other people's factories and workers.
Two, have company qualification, have fixed worker. From the manufacturers purchase, belong to intermediary companies.
Three, qualified, with fixed workers and their own factories, belonging to manufacturers.
The reason why the commercial kitchen equipment is difficult to achieve online electronic marketing mainly, the next line of physical store sales subsidiary marketing strategy is that consumers are mostly new kitchen and kitchen decoration. In order to buy, the kitchen equipment is often ordered, rather than a single product. Due to the large amount, large amount. So I went back to the original project marketing. Engineering marketing doesn't seem to be the right model for online marketing. However, the Internet faces the whole country and even the whole world. Effective marketing can bring more business opportunities for enterprises.
Power grid integration:
According to Yu Bo industry market research center, in today's information era of mobile Internet, have the right to speak in the hands of consumers. Commodities have become increasingly transparent, and online shopping has been accepted by more and more people. With the development of the electricity supplier atmosphere exposing is proposed, the whole transaction mode and offline store and shop on line integration of organic integration of the dual business model, this model can guide consumers to online offline store consumption, can also store the line to attract consumers to online consumption. In order to achieve the integration of shops and networks, offline collection of resources on the line, to learn more, please refer to the China report hall released 2014-2019 years of China's kitchen equipment industry market status and investment strategy analysis report.
At present, there are still some problems in the implementation of commercial kitchen equipment, mainly in two aspects:
First, quality problems: as with most online products, consumers will worry about the quality problems. Are they the same as the pictures? The material is different from the technical parameters. Online shopping risk. Many online consumers said: "although the online purchase price will be low and the price of the entity shop, but the picture and product introduction alone, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the goods.". Commercial kitchen equipment is mostly larger goods, price, logistics process damage and other issues, making the transaction rate is very low.
Two, store and online sales vary in price: the Internet eliminates the need for a large number of operating costs, as well as in the fierce competition in the Internet to attract consumers and prices down. And the store is very different. Therefore, some consumers may think that because of the low price, whether there is quality problems and so on. Multi platform electricity supplier promotion
Enterprise website: for enterprises, the importance of self-evident, is to other companies, individuals to display one of the important ways of the company. The high degree of experience of full-featured enterprise website, no doubt to the customer to leave a good impression.
Two, electronic shops: such as Huicong nets, Alibaba, kitchen equipment network and so on, enterprises can use these large and excellent portals for trading.
Three, the use of WeChat WeChat platform: with the increasing of users, WeChat marketing has become a popular means of marketing, WeChat platform so that fans can interact with the enterprise at any time, the daily dynamic publishing company.
Electricity providers are increasingly eroding traditional sales positions, companies have to face the fact. Electricity providers in the network today. Kitchen equipment industry can not say "no" to the electricity supplier, but from the user experience, go out